MAISON 1889 A Tribute to Lace

Passionate about materials, we create beautiful pieces that are lived in everyday life and for the exceptional moments of life. The uniqueness of Maison 1889 lies in its inspiration, in the nobility of materials to create a natural and trendy fashion.
Maison 1889 innovates with traditional materials and know-how to offer iconic pieces for your wardrobe. Deeply in love with lace, we imagine each collection to pay homage to it and make it discoverable. Lace moves us for its beauty and its history, a thread that unites with time and crosses it to sublimate the clothes.


Le savoir faire

The Calais-Caudry® lace

We use Calais-Caudry® lace from a French company that is 5 generations old.
Established in the ancestral cradle of the weaving of this exceptional product, this company has never ceased to perfect a knowledge whispered in the ears of its teams in the workshops. More than just executing the work, its employees have been able to pass on precious knowledge of unequalled richness through the ages, so that today they can still weave the wonder that we offer through our creations.

Made in France or even made in Hauts-de-France…

Forced to note a disappointment of all in front of an always increasing importation of products with the questionable quality, we wanted to show that in France we know how to make beautiful creations which hold in time.
This is why we turned to French textile manufacturers in the outskirts of Lyon for silk and our printed fabrics, but also much closer, a few meters from our workshops, for a knit fabric made and dyed in the Caudresis.
It was obvious that a designer born in Caudry would join the adventure for a creation and a confection 100% Made in Hauts-de-France.

Le savoir faire
Le savoir faire

Manufacture in small quantities

We didn’t want to build up mountains of dormant stock on shelves in the corner of a storeroom and then break the price of a professionally made item.
We therefore chose to produce our products on a minimalist basis, to avoid wasting raw materials. No more stock, just a just-in-time work of the fabrics we use with the kindness of our suppliers who accept these minimalist orders.
It is also to allow our customers to order exactly according to their needs without the slightest shortage of stock in the size of an article.